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White Towel Services Introduces Airline Towels

Salt Lake City, UT, Nov 17, 2006 - White Towel Services, Inc. today announced two new products for in-flight airline service.

Traditional Airline Cabin Hot Towels are high water-absorbent, 100% cotton, lemon-scented towels and come in a convenient serving tray, with serving tong. They are packaged in easy to store and prepare trays. "To prepare, just add hot water to the serving tray and present to passenger using the provided serving tong," says White Towel Services owner Jason Stark.

VIP Luxury Airline Cotton Hot Towels are pre-moistened scented towels, with each towel individually wrapped in a heat resistant serving wrap. They are available with essential oil scents: Lemon, Lavender, Peach/Mango or Unscented. There are 2 sizes: 10" x 10" and 12" x 12". Just heat the desired number of towels in on-board microwave or oven and present to your passengers.


Airline Towels are available for purchase online at www.airline-towels.com.

The Traditional Airline Cabin Hot Towels are $379.00 for a case of 192 trays while the VIP Luxury Cotton Hot Towels range from $99.00 to $269.00 a case, depending on the size of towel and quantity. Cases sizes for the VIP towels are 240 and 500 towels per case.

About White Towel Services

Established in 2002, White Towel Services, Inc. was founded by Jason Stark in a belief that America was missing the essence and quality of Oshibori. They specialize in hot towels based upon the Oshibori ideals and can be found in many industries: airline, hotel, restaurant, golf courses, country clubs, dentist offices, and more! For more information, contact Jason Stark at (801) 908-7110 or visit our website at airline-towels.com.

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