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The Wet Towel, LLC Offers Disposable, Hot Towel Service Nationwide

Salt Lake City, UT, May 06, 2003 - Dental marketing experts agree that patient comfort and pampering is extremely important in setting a practice apart from the others. Dentists can now offer their patients a soothing, hot towel after each treatment; an extra step to show that business is appreciated and patient comfort is top-of-mind.

A hot towel has been used for centuries in the Far East as a symbol of hospitality. Dentists can offer the same hospitality to their patients for just pennies each. With soothing and cleansing effects, a hot towel supplied by The Wet Towel is revolutionizing customer service in the dental industry.

The Wet Towel brings dental offices the ultimate in quality, convenience and cost savings. We know that dental practices are unique, so we offer many choices of options and services. Hypoallergenic, individually wrapped towels can be office-delivered just when they are needed, or sign up for a subscription service where towels are delivered automatically. You decide. We deliver.

The Wet Towel also provides attractive, space-efficient towel heaters for purchase or to rent. Imported from Japan, these Taiji towel warmers are state-of-the-art, durable and very affordable. They also come in many different colors to fit with every decor. Dental offices can just place the towels in the warmer and let their patients enjoy this unique new service. Word-of-mouth is the best marketing, and patients who have a great experience will recommend their dentist to others.

Disposable towel service is available nation-wide. In the San Francisco Bay area, the Los Angeles area, and along the Wasatch Front in Northern Utah, choose between disposable or premium cotton towel services. All towels are pre-moistened, lightly scented, individually wrapped and delivered to your place of business.

The Wet Towel provides a full money back guarantee.

About The Wet Towel

The Wet Towel, www.thewettowel.com/, provides high-quality warmers, disposable towels and cotton towel service. They pride themselves with the response they have received from their customers and look forward to expanding their product line.

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