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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does White Towel Services products compare to the machines that roll and heat towels on location?

    There are a number of criteria to consider when selecting a hot towel system:

    Wait Time: How long do your clients or patients have to wait once they are ready for a hot towel? With our system there is no button-pushing, dial turning or wait time. Towels are always at the right temperature and ready to use.

    Towel Qualiy: Are the towels made out of paper? Do they rip easily and leave lint on your face? Is the scent alcohol based? Will it dry out your skin? Our towels are as close to cotton as you can get in a disposable. They are strong and soft and contain no alcohol.

    Maintenance: How much maintenance does the system require? Do you have to add water and scent and dry towels regularly? Does the machine have a number of moving parts that are susceptible to breakdown? Our warmer requires virtually no maintenance. It has one switch: on/off. It will never rust and the only maintenance required is to drain the condensation tray from time to time.

    Sanitary Issues: Are the towels individually wrapped to minimize sanitation risk? Our towels are individually wrapped in easy-opening, sanitary packaging.

    Space Requirements: How much space do you have available for your hot towel system? Our units are small and compact with a 12 inch by 12 inch footprint.

    Heat Retention: How long will the towels hold their heat? By the time you get the towel to the patient or client is it already cold? Because our towels are individually wrapped and can be taken to the patient wrapped, they maintain their heat much longer than towels that are not wrapped.

    Price: What is the upfront cost and per towel price for the system? Some vendors charge a lot upfront and very little for towels, others nearly give the machine away and charge a higher price for towels. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality product at a fair price. Compare prices. We think you will find both the upfront and towel costs at The Wet Towel very competitive.

    Convenience: In the end, no matter which system you buy, it's use will be determined by its convenience. If the unit requires extra steps to add water, set dials, pick up tongs, etc. it will soon be just a machine on your counter that never gets used. Our system was designed with convenience in mind. Plug it in, turn it on, load towels in the morning and they are always ready throughout the day. With The Towel Club we take convenience one step further and deliver fresh towels to your door each month. No worries about running out, dry towels, or reording-convenient.
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