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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I place an order?

    Review Ordered Items / Checkout

    • To review items ordered, select the "Shopping Cart" button/link at anytime.

    • Remove items as needed ("Remove" button next to each item)

    • Adjust quantity of items ordered by changing the "Quantity" field and clicking the "Update" button.

    • Select "Checkout" when satisfied with items ordered.

    • If you have an existing customer account, and you have already "signed-in", you will be shown your account information so that you may confirm it to be correct.

    • If you are not signed-in (logged-in) you will be offered that opportunity before proceeding so that your existing information can be used, saving you time.

    • If you do not have a customer account, you will be offered the opportunity to create one before proceeding -OR- you can elect to proceed without setting up an account.

    Create Customer Account

    • Create and maintain your own account information.

    • Save time when you order again - no reentering your info

    • Participate in our Autoship program./li>
    • Credit card info is NOT stored.

    DON'T Create Customer Account

    You don't HAVE to create a customer account to order.

    • Select "Place order without account"

    • Enter information as prompted

    Select your Shipping & Payment options

    • We normally ship via UPS ground service. Select any type of UPS delivery you wish from the dropdown options display. If you have a problem with UPS, indicate your needs in the "Customer Comments" field provided, or call us to discuss your requirements.

    Select your Payment Method

    • If you have an Autoship account with us, select that option (note that this option only displays for customers with pre-approved Autoship account status).

    • .. or select a credit card type

    Enter your Payment Information

    • Complete the credit card information requested (if applicable).

    • After you click "Continue" allow a few seconds for validation.

    That's It! .. It takes longer to read about than to do!

    • You will receive an "email order confirmation" about your order and shipment.

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