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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the top 10 most frequently asked questions about our products and services.

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Is my order information secure going over the Internet? read faq
What is an Autoship "batch date?" read faq
How do I place an order? read faq
Will your disposable towels dry out? read faq
How long do towels take to warm? read faq
Are your disposable towels scented? read faq
Can I warm your disposable towels in the microwave? read faq
Do your disposable towels have any alcohol on them? read faq
What set up fees are required for Private label? read faq
What is the Autoship Program? read faq
What countries do we ship to? read faq
How does White Towel Services products compare to the machines that roll and heat towels on location? read faq
What credit cards do we accept? read faq
How big are your towel warmers? read faq
How many towels will your warmers hold? read faq
To make changes to my autoship, how long before my Autoship batch date should I make the modifications? read faq
What kind of maintenance do your towel warmers require? read faq
How are your disposable towels different than other disposables on the market? read faq
Can I leave towels in the warmer overnight? read faq
Can you help me design my label? read faq
What is the minimum order to private label your products? read faq
Once I?ve got an approved label, how long will it generally take for my orders to arrive? read faq
What about rush orders? read faq
What colors can I use on my labels? read faq

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